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My passion for fitness started when I was 20, since then I have been working on getting the best out of people for more than 7 years. In addition to my studies at the CIOS, I have always continued to delve into fitness through courses (for example the Menno Henselmans PT Course) and self-study.


Over the years I have learned that strength training alone is not enough to get the best out of yourself.

To get the best out of yourself, you want your body and mind to continue to develop.

That's why I don't just look at how you train, but at many more factors.


Thanks to science, a lot of research has been done on human health, so I apply the knowledge we have gained from science during personal training and online coaching

This is what I pay attention to;


Sleep is perhaps the most underrated topic when it comes to health and daily performance. It's not just about how many hours you sleep, but also what your sleep routine looks like, how you wake up and what you need to 'wake up'. For example, if you need coffee or tea to wake up, chances are your sleep quality could use some adjustment.

Image by Elisa Ventur


I give you all kinds of tools to work on your stress, nowadays everyone works with deadlines and high pressure, and because of that you can sometimes lose yourself, but through certain (sometimes small) adjustments you can find yourself again, and you not only notice that reduces stress, but you can significantly improve your daily performance.

Image by Sander Dalhuisen


Most people know that you need to adjust your diet to live a healthier life or lose weight, but doing something about it is often too big a step.
That's why it's important to keep a diet as flexible and fun as possible.

Since I started to apply this myself to my clients and myself, you see a big difference not only physically but also mentally!

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